Berry Love Is Here!

Our Friends - Tasha


Check in with our participants with our reoccurring "Our Friends" interviews. As we begin to introduce you to our staff, you will learn what everyone does here at the ECHO Barkery as well as their favorite tasks. Keep up with our staff interviews as you get a glimpse of the individual behind the dog biscuit.   


“Our Friend, Tasha" - Introductions  

Tasha, we are working on a project called, “Our Friends”, that allows our audience to get to know everyone here at the Barkery. Is it okay if I ask you some questions?  

“Okay, I Iike to work!”  

How long have you been making biscuits?  

“A long time!”  

What do you do here?  

“I have lots of jobs like making biscuits, loading and unloading the dehydrator (my favorite), cleaning tables, and changing the trash!”  

What do you like about working here at the Barkery?  

“I like it! I like to work with my friends Natalie and Mike! I like to make biscuits!”  

What is your favorite thing to do here at the Barkery?  


Why are you so good at your job?  

“I listen to my bosses, and I like to help people!”  

What makes a good employee?  

“Me! I’m a good worker!”  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  

“I want to be making biscuits!”  

Do you have anything You’d like to say to our supporters?  

“I would say hi, then I would say have a good day!”  

Why should people support us?  

“For their dogs!”  

What makes you extraordinary?  

“I make great biscuits, I’m so good!”